Monday, September 15, 2014

Our End Of The Summer Vacation

During the week of Labor Day our family took one last trip before life resumed as 'normal.'  Every year  we head to Northern Indiana for a couple days of rest, fun and fellowship with our family.  My husband has been coming with his family since he was a young boy, and we have carried on the tradition with our children.  We look forward to it every year, and this year was wonderful.  One of the things that made this trip even more special was finding out a week or so before we left that my husband was offered a promotion within his company.  Good job, Honey!  

The only crazy part was the fact that we would be moving to Cleveland....about two and a half hours from where we live now.  Exciting and crazy all at the same time.  Here is a quick tour through our awesome week!

It wouldn't be a trip to Pokagon without a trip to Rapid Raceway, followed by pizza at Pizza Hut.  Andrew and Parker love it because they can drive their own cars.  The Littles love it because they each get to take a spin with Daddy.

Andrew and Parker have decided that Kayaking is a sport they would like to get into.  They rented one last year, and again this year.

Potawatomi Inn was built around 1934.  It still has so much charm and warmth.  You can read about the Inn here.  The stained glass window below is in the great room.  It has a beautiful, huge fireplace and comfy couches and chairs.  Families gather here to play board games, put together puzzles and just spend time together.

The park is 1,260 acres.  It has a wonderful beach, huge lake and lots of little ponds.  The pictures below are from the Secret Pond; as we like to call it.  There are tons of walking and bike trails.  Besides the Inn, there are also cabins to rent and a campground.

Tom's Donuts are incredible! So yummy.

'Fishing' for lily pads.

We had the whole beach to ourselves for much of the week.  It was so nice.  Most people are back to work, and the children are back in school.  Another bonus for homeschooling!

They could spend days playing in the sand and water.

Time for Smores!

The time went so fast, but it was so good. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Not So Lazy Days of Summer

It is so cliche' to say, "Where has the time gone?"  But, it's so true. The Summer has flown by.  We have had such fun, busy days, and I can't believe they are coming to an end.  

One of the highlights of the year for our family is our local Balloon Fest.  We anticipate this weekend all year.  We have never really been a "grab a lawn chair and watch the world go by" kinda couple.  The sitting would drive my husband batty.  He's a get in there and do kinda guy.  Which is really great because our family gets into all kind of fun situations!

We are balloon chasers, well, not officially.  We watch where the balloons are launching from and follow along in our car.  The views we get of the balloons floating through the countryside are so pretty.  When they start to land, we park and run to see if they need any help.  Which they often do!

One year the balloon we happened to watch land didn't really have a full crew.  They adopted my husband and oldest sons as their 'weekend crew'.  We were able to go back with them to the Fest as official members.  We had an amazing seat for the Glow that night.  

Here are a few pictures from this year's 'Balloon Chase.'  These pictures were from a Sunday Morning before church.  We don't usually chase balloons in suits!

We were able to spend a day on the boat with Grandma and Grandpa.  This is really one of my favorite things to do... spending time near the water is so peaceful.

We discovered the 'Swinging Bridge" thanks to a tip from a friend.  This time of the year it is a bit buggy, sticky and weedy.  But, so worth it!

Of course you can't have a great Summer picture round-up without a few trips to the park! 

School is right around the corner for us.  The Littles have started doing a little here and a little there.  Our 'official' school day is September 8.  We have one more family trip coming up...we can't wait!

How about you? Have you started school yet? 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Getting The Most Out Of Our Summer

July continues to race along, and so does the adventure!  This is a picture of Autumn with her 'glasses' she won in Sunday School...very sophisticated.  I headed back to my hometown for the day and visited my mom and grandma.  We had a great time eating the local fare, and hanging out at the park... a great place for a crazy little crew like ours.

On the way home we stopped by Lake St. Mary's.   There were two sailboats on the entire lake, and the kids were trying desperately to get their attention, but no luck.  

While the Littles and I were spending time with family, Daddy, Andrew and Parker were in West Virginia doing a little White Water Rafting.  It is so beautiful down there.

Everyone had a great week, and we were all thankful to be back together.  What will this week bring? 

Are you getting ready for school?  Silly question, I know.  If we aren't planning it, we're buying school supplies, or clothes.  Leave me a comment!

I am closing up my Etsy shop for the time being.  With so many things going on, it is just one more thing to think about in a day.  I will get a burst of inspiration to work at it, but it really is a ton of work.  Not the actual making of the product, but the marketing and photos....they take up a lot of time.  I'm sure I will be back at it sometime, but not now :) 

Have a great week!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Stepping Our Way Through July

I always find myself saying, "We'll do _____ when things slow down."  I'm not sure how things are around your parts, but that just doesn't seem to happen around here.  Instead of trying to do an in-depth post, which I just can't find time for right now, I thought I would share our photos from far.

A little mid-Summer flower buying.  I fell in love with the zinnias! They are so cheery and full of color!

A wonderful day at one of the Metro Parks in Toledo.

Autumn and Liberty do everything together.  For a DIY to make the Daisy Crown click here.

Annie loves learning and reading about Annie Oakley.  For our visit back to my hometown for the 4th of July, we stopped by her Memorial.

A whirlwind trip to Cleveland.

A stop by Lake Erie.  I love spending time around water.  Maybe I was a mermaid in a former life :)

Everybody should be quiet near a little stream and listen.
author unknown

I finally added some new felt cookies to my Etsy shop.  I really love sewing with felt, but I really don't like the promoting side of it.  I never really know how to describe the items in "wonderfully descriptive language that lets the shopper know the color, feel, texture..."  You get the idea :) Let's just say, that my felt cookies are wonderfully soft, lovely to look at and hold; and even better to play with.  My friend Angel opened a shop recently, and you can visit it here: Blessed2Sew.   It was the inspiration I needed to get them in the shop.

Life is never dull.  But, that's what makes it so great...the next adventure.  What have you been up to lately?  Any family vacations or visits?  Leave me a comment!